[sticky post]SurvivorSim Rules/Warnings
Any content that comes with TS2 or TS3 is allowed to be displayed here. That content may contain adult themes, and for that reason both games have a rating of T+. The SurvivorSim community is not responsible for any children viewing any entries within.


We aren't extremely restrictive in this community, because anybody can post, not just members. But please keep cursing and other such things to a complete minimum.

Surviving Requirements:
The Sims 2 or 3
A sim locked in a medium-small building
1 Fridge
1 Couch
1 Bookshelf/TV/Easel [New requirement, dreaming isn't enough fun for them]
1 Sim
1 Shower
1 Sink
1 Toilet
[Several] Trash cans

Thank you, and happy surviving playing.

-SirLagsalot, maintainer of the SurvivorSim community

SurvivorSim Post Example
Won't be putting in any pictures for this example, I'll just label it "[Picture]".

Day 1


Here is my Sim, Eric Blargleblarf, who has the traits Childish, Insane, Flirty, Innapropriate, and Couch Potato.


This is the "house" he will be living in for the SurvivorSim challenge. I hope to dethrone the current SurvivorSim champion!


As you can see, Eric simply HATES loves the house.


So he gets along nicely for his first day. When he gets bored I just have him take a nap on the couch.


What's this?


That was day one in the life of Eric Blargeblarf for the SurvivorSim contest! I will get around to posting day two tomorrow so stay tuned :D


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